HAoS The FPGA-Based Hardware Architecture of Systemic Computation
by Christos Sakellariou
HAoS Website

GPU parallelized implementation of systemic computer
with two example programs, implemented by Marjan Rouhipour:
(Uses Windows XP, Cuda Toolkit 2.2 and MS Visual Studio 2008)

SCoPE (Systemic Computation Platform and Environment)
by Erwan Le Martelot
SC-scope on Google code
source code
Windows distribution
SCoPE user guide
Erwan's PhD thesis on systemic computation
(uses Windows)

Original Systemic Computation Implementation
The original SC virtual machine and compiler with 3 example programs, as introduced in the first journal paper on Systemic Computation
by Peter Bentley
(generic C code. Ensure you compile the .sc files into .scp, then run using the same ini file.)

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